Espacio David Puente · Decoración artística | Events
Espacio David Puente · Decorador e interiorismo · Crear ambientes · Decoración artística · Antiguedad clásica y formas conceptuales
David Puente, Espacio David Puente, Decorador, interiorismo, interiorista, Crear ambientes, creacion de ambientes, decoración artística, Antiguedad clásica, formas conceptuales
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A journey to the moon and the dance with the stars.

An image overflowing on the screen.

A toast to ancient Rome and your feet.

As you listen to the sound-track of your life in the background.

“Dreams, dreams. We make them real”


Vatel will takeln any event, happening, reality.

We look after every detail and cover all the technical areas-audiovisuals, music, graphics, decoration, vision.

Our aim at Vatel is to ensure that the event lives on in the memory of those who participate in it.

“I don`t care if Monday`s blue,
Tuesday`s grey and Wednesday too”
The Cure.