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Espacio David Puente · Decorador e interiorismo · Crear ambientes · Decoración artística · Antiguedad clásica y formas conceptuales
David Puente, Espacio David Puente, Decorador, interiorismo, interiorista, Crear ambientes, creacion de ambientes, decoración artística, Antiguedad clásica, formas conceptuales
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David Puente

Creating optimistic spaces, inviting you to a warm reflection.

I started in the profession following family tradition.My first shop was in the Madrid Rastro, them In Orellana Street ; and now I have established the brand Espacio David Puente.Throughout this time I have been subjected to a long chain of influences, journeys through Europe and the East not forgetting The Americas.

Assimilating classical antiquity and decorative arts , reflecting them in the essence of my work.

Now I’m developing more conceptual and organic forms, with touches of everything I’ve learned along this long journey and keeping in touch with the latest developments in art.I specialize in the twentieth century and in twenty-first century decorative arts.

That’s why I want to create optimistic spaces which invite you a warm refection.

“Am i sitting in a tin can
far above the world
planet earth is blue
and there`s is nothing i can do.”
D. Bowie.