Espacio David Puente · Decoración artística | Carpets
Espacio David Puente · Decorador e interiorismo · Crear ambientes · Decoración artística · Antiguedad clásica y formas conceptuales
David Puente, Espacio David Puente, Decorador, interiorismo, interiorista, Crear ambientes, creacion de ambientes, decoración artística, Antiguedad clásica, formas conceptuales
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Coming soon collection for Dac Rugs


Another way of making carpets.

NOP emanated from my collaboration with artist Eduardo Barco and following the interests which unite us.

We use the highest quality products and materials (wool, silk, mohair and natural dyes) and craftsman’s  techniques.Woven on Nepali looms, these carpets are innovative, respecting tradition and with a ground-breaking design.

Every carpets an exclusive object for its customer.

“I don`t want to be your friend

I just want to be your lover

No matter how it ends

No matter how it stars”